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Wine Tasting - The Columbia Gorge Recently I had the opportunity to explore another wine region nestled between Washington and Oregon, the Columbia Gorge.   My adventure began driving along I-84 west (Oregon side) of the Cascades.   As I headed east, the lush green hills of the gorge sprang up before me and soon I was engulfed in vast greens and blues of the dense douglas-fir forest.   This part of the gorge has always reminded me of the lochs and fiords of Scotland.   Hood River, Oregon has many wineries and tasting rooms that I’ve yet to sample but there are plenty of signs that will entice you to stop and explore.   But my journey continued on and as I sped east, the scenery changed from lush greens to browns and golds of the high desert prairie.   The hills of the gorge changed to giant grassy pillows on the Washington side and sharp rocky cliffs on the Oregon side; all the while the mighty Columbia River was my constant companion. At last I reached Biggs Junction,