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Opening  SAGGI November of 2011 was my first time to Walla Walla Washington and I was going for Fall Release.  I fell in love with Walla Walla; the architecture of the buildings in town, the vineyards in their fall colors and the wine.   Oh how I fell in love with the wines from Walla Walla.  I just opened a bottle of SAGGI 2008 from Long Shadows Winery  that I purchased on this trip.  SAGGI is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Syrah.   What a beautiful blend, so silky smooth and delicate in flavor.   I was saving it for a dinner I thought would do it justice, a meal my kids requested, “Moms Lasagna”.  I served with a crusty French bread with seasoned olive oil for dipping….. I wish I had a red check table cloth and drippy candles on the table to complete the mood. If you go to Walla Walla put Long Shadows on your list of places to visit. I recommend trying some of their other wines, Sequel and Feather are couple more of my favorites. I will be making a return trip
Olympic Wine and Cheese Tasting 2012 Fairwinds Winery – Port Townsend, Washington Out in the country, this beautiful old barn has been converted for wine production and a tasting room. I started with their Gewurztraminer.   This is not your standard sweet Gewurztraminer.   It was slightly dryer with a hint of sweet.   Yes, I could sip and enjoy this wine and would definitely recommend it. The Merlot/Cab blend was ok but for my pallet it was a bit sharp.   Or so I thought, until I tasted it with the Limburger double cream “Trailblazer” cheese from Back Country in Tacoma, Washington.   Wow, what a great combination.   Shame on me for not giving the wine a chance, especially with food. Their Cabernet Sauvignon was yummy in flavor with a really nice finish.   I definitely would go back for more.   Merlot 2002 – when you taste wine, you will taste the soil the grapes have been grown in.   The grapes for this production
Olympic Peninsula Wine and Cheese Tour April 15 th.   We loaded up the SUV, 6 women and 1 guy as our driver… starts our adventure.   I love going out to see the wineries in the Olympic Peninsula.  The drive is beautiful and the wine makers are so personable, friendly and down to earth.  We started our day at Fairwinds, they gave us a tasting of their Gewurztraminer 2009.  I usually don’t go for the sweet stuff, but this was so light more on the dry side.    I purchased their   2002 Merlot and the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2006 Cab/Merlot, these had such beautiful smooth flavor that I can’t wait to open them and pair them up with some delicious food (will tell you later how that turns out).    Camaraderie Winery is a great place to stop if you are on Hwy 101; they have a peaceful surrounding with some wonderful eclectic outdoor conversation areas.   I purchased their 2009 Malbec (I am a sucker for a great Malbec) this scored 90 in "The Wine Enthusiast"….yumm