Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bad Day…..Good Bottle

We all have those days in which we wished we had never climbed out of bed.  Tuesday was that day for me.

By the time I was leaving the office for the day I just wanted to pound my supervisor into the ground and never look back.  But I simply clocked out and got in my car for the long commute home. 

It was raining (a northwest normal) and the traffic was crawling at a snail’s pace.  My windshield wipers were hard at work but 10 miles into the commute, my passenger side wiper decided it had enough.  It flung itself onto the hood of my car but thank goodness I was crawling in the slow lane and was able to pull over to the shoulder.

I put my emergency flashers on and carefully stepped out of my car and around to the passenger side.  Unbeknown to me, I had parked right by a very large mud puddle and since it was dark outside, proceeded to step into the puddle that swallowed my feet up to my ankles.
I quickly groped my way along the hood, retrieved the wiper blade, hooked it back on and sloshed my way back into the car.  By the grace of the good Lord some kind trucker finally let me back into the stream of traffic and continued on with my commute.

Tired, wet and feeling beat down I was finally home!  I decided that a nice glass of wine was what I needed to soothe my soul.

I had been saving a “special” bottle that I had purchased for Christmas but never got around to opening.  I set the bottle on my kitchen counter, grabbed my bottle opener and somehow a malfunction occurred.  The opener shoved the cork back down into the bottle and the wine flew up and out!  I was covered head to toe in red wine.  My kitchen floor, counter and ceiling were also splattered with a generous amount of wine.  I really just wanted to sit down and cry but instead poured myself a glass and called my big brother.

As I was telling the stresses of the day to my brother, I realized I was drinking a very nice wine.  Back in November Denise had taken me to Woodinville, Washington to do wine tasting for my birthday.  The last tasting room we visited that day was Page Cellars.  They had their standard wines and they were ok.  But they had a red blend called “Lazy Reindeer.”  I didn’t think it was going to be very good because the label was a cartoon of a silly Reindeer and we all know not to choose a wine based on its label appearance but boy was I surprised.  It was fantastic!  I bought a bottle with full intensions of drinking it on Christmas Day but never got around to it.
Lazy Reindeer was just what I needed for a really bad day….but boy…..what a good bottle. J

Cheers!  LaDonna