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A Simple Post   Sometimes there is nothing extraordinary going on in our lives but we are busy with day to day living.   We go to work, come home, take care of our families and just live.   Before we know it time has passed and we haven’t seen our dearest friends.   We reach out to them with a phone call and set a time and place to meet. Tonight I met up with my dearest friend and shared a meal with some good wine.   The Italian restaurant was new to me and I enjoyed not only the food (ok so my choice of main entrĂ©e was not the best) but a very nice bottle of Barbera. (The waiter was very good too J )   Shame on me for not writing down the name but if you write to me at   I will tell you where the restaurant is located.   It’s the only Barbera on the menu so it won’t take too much effort to call them and ask.     I will be going back to the restaurant because there were dishes I really should/wanted to try but decided to step out and try some