Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wine Tasting and Water

During our trip to the Willamette, the tasting room attendant at one of the Winery’s first poured us some club soda upon our arrival.  This was great, we just had a fantastic brunch and the flavors still lingered on our palates.  The club soda worked well at neutralizing our taste buds to receive the grape we were about to taste.  This got me thinking about waters and how to use them to improve our wine tasting experience.

Still water or Acqua Panna, which is Italian, these are best for tasting the following:
*White wines
*Barrel Aged White Wines
*Sparkling Wines
*Red Wines that are light and subtle

San Pellegrino is Italian, Perrier is French and both carbonated water which make for softer smoother bubbles which complement the tasting of:

*Rose’ wines with high alcohol content
*Young red wines
*Red wines that are full and mature
*White wines that are full bodied

The difference between these bottled carbonated waters and club soda is the bubbles. Club soda contains bicarbonate of soda and carbon dioxide which make large bubbles.
Any water that you drink during tasting should never be iced or too cold which will numb your taste buds.

Remember to never use water to rinse out your glass during tasting, always use a splash of white wine swirl around the glass then dump out…this and other tip you be sure to check out on our WLW tips tab.