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Photo Journal of WLW Adventure

Alexandria Nicole Winery Prosser Washington

SuLei Walla Walla 
Cooper Estate Red Mountain 
Great Gals behind the bar and Winemaker at Harbinger

Harbinger Winery Port Angeles WA

Tranche Winery Walla Walla

Maison Bleue Walla Walla
tough job...reviewing all the wine and tasting notes!
Smoked-Roasted herb potato's was favorite paring with simple and so good!
Admiring the beautiful color of Syrah!

Syrah tasting event setup

J& J Vintners Walla Walla @ Airport
Mark Ryan Walla Walla

        Spring Release 2012 at Trust

Beautiful View from Tero Estate Wner
Farmers Market 
Don Carlo Winery

Dumas Station
Dumas Station


2015 Holiday Barrel Tasting at Tranche



Dumas Station - Debbie, Jay and Alli 2015 Holiday Barrel Tasting


Jay creating a new blend - we loved it!!


Sharing the holiday season with our dear friends at Dumas Station - 2015


Fall 2015 - Mackey Winery


Tranche - Spring 2015 - Before the Tasting Room


Garrison Winery - Spring 2015 - My favorite cellar


Garrison Wine Library - 2015

Lake Chelan-2020

Lake Chelan-2020

Walla Walla-2020


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Cheers, Chin-Chin, Salute! The sound made by the twisting of a cork, followed by a loud pop and the crackling of effervesce means there is a celebration to come, christening an important moment and memory’s to be made.   Significant occasions warrant a significant bubbly selection, here are a few notes to help you make your selection: Spumante is Italian sparkling wine, means “foamy” which can refer to all sparkling Italian wines, tends to be sweet. Presseco is an Italian sparkling dry white wine made from Grera grape primary grown in the Presseco region of Italy. Brut is a term used sometimes for the driest sparkling wines which means it has less sugar than those labeled extra dry. Champagne is a wine producing region in the far north of France near Paris.   Though used as a term to describe sparkling wine, true Champagne is aged longer than sparkling wine so can be dryer in taste. The most prestigist brand of Champagne Don Perignon is produced by Moet & Cha
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