Saturday, September 14, 2013

Box Wine

Well I did it, took one for the team, this is for you our readers…. I tried box wine.  I can admit I did not approach this with an open mind, I fully expected  to be horrible.  I will admit I was wrong in a few cases and correct in the rest. Box wine now has given me a whole new meaning to "juice box".
Box wine does have its advantages, it’s easy to pack, no glass so if you got camping, back packing or kayaking you don’t have the empty glass bottle to worry about and the packaging is eco-friendly.  The word is that you can keep these after opening for up to 4 weeks….guess I will have to test this theory also  to see if maybe time will improve some of these…doubtful.
Cabernet Sauvignon
I only have one that I would say was drinkable out of all, which would be Black Box. The rest were thick with tannins and sharp on the palette
Black Box, This was the best of the reds I tried, it paired well with the smores when we were camping, if I had to choose a box wine to drink again this would be my red choice.  There is no depth of flavor; however you do get some nice berry flavor which I contribute to the blend of grapes which give it the full bodied flavor.
Pinot Grigio
These were my biggest surprise in that I expected all to be acidy and tart, they were all smooth, crisp and not overly sweet.  The choice I tried were, The Little Green Box, Vendange, Bota Box, Targets Wine Cube.
Targets Wine Cube Pinot Grigio-Crisp pear and melon which would pair well with grilled salmon, light pasta or shellfish
The little Green Box- Light fruit which I thought this would pair great with grilled fresh peaches
Vendange - Pear first hit the pallet with light finish
Bota Box- Clean light citrus fruit with hint of pear would pear well with grilled shrimp or chicken.

Try for yourself some box wine when you need to pack light, have a picnic in the woods or on the river.  Cheers, Denise