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  Did you stop drinking wine because it made you sick ? Hold on, you can possibly have your wine and feel no effects?   Did you ever notice how wine has no ingredient label?   You cannot look at the label and see what additives are in the bottle that you might be having a reaction to.   There are over 70 plus FDA approved additives producers can put in your wine, some natural and some not.   Luckily, many producers are now making wine that is Biodynamic, using wild yeast and no additives.   Do your research on the Slow Wine movement promoting sustainable wine practices which started with primarily Italian wines and now have expanded into Oregon and California. There are also now many subscription services that promote natural wines, explore these for what they have to offer you.   Please also visit your local natural wine producers, ask questions about their practices and do a tasting.   If have given up wine, explore again by finding a clean, pure, natural wine and go back to enjoying