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Throw a wine tasting is how

Throw a wine tasting party…here is how A wine tasting party is great for socializing, discovering new wines and gaining some new favorites thru fun experimentation. This type of party is one of the easiest theme party’s to hold since its focus is on the wine.   Throwing a wine tasting party isn’t drudgery like hosting can sometimes turn out to be, while you are working hard you miss out on your own party, this is pretty much a guarantee good time for everyone. A successful party of any kind comes from the preparation ahead of time so you will first need to decide on a theme. Here are some ideas : Blind taste testing ; cover the bottle with brown bag, wine bags, wrapping paper or colored  tissue.   Vertical tasting ; you taste the same variety of wine from same producer  but different years Theme tasting ; wines can all be white or all red, the same grape such as a Pinot, same region or by price point   Region tasting ; you can have wine from same region which you ha