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Happy Thanksgiving!  We suggest to pair with your holiday dinner would be a Pinot Grigio, Rose or Pinot Noir.  My favorite pinot's come from Oregon.  We are thankful for all our blog views...Cheers!
Sinister Hand A gruesome tale for you in time for Halloween, sit back pour a glass and I will share the story of the Sinister Hand . Two rival families had a rowing competition for rights to some highly regarded land, the first to touch the land, after rowing across the lake, would become ruler of the land. One boat was falling behind so a member of the crew grabbed his own sword, cut off his hand and threw it ashore, winning the title to rule the land. Own Roe Winery in Saint Paul Oregon produced Sinister Hand with a beautiful full red color and generous fruit is expressed from the onset with a harmonious blend of   63% Grenache, 19% Syrah, 16% Mouvèdre and 2% Cinsault.   Fruity notes of raspberry and blackberry warms the palette with silky light tannins that persists thru the long smooth finish. Sinister Hand is amazing wine with an unforgettable tale…..Happy Halloween Denise Read the entire tale and more on Owen Roe website
A sommelier friend once said, “Drinking wine should be about the emotions you experience as the wine crosses your lips; glides over the palate; slips down the throat and says farewell.”   I have always enjoyed tasting wine and the emotional experience that comes from each sip and appreciate the nurturing care and emotional structure the Vintner crafts into each bottle. In the Walla Walla Valley, a couple of Vintners allowed me to tag a long one fall evening as they tended   their vats of fermenting grapes.   Harvest had just begun and I was giddy with the excitement of what I would see and experience by this unexpected adventure……… As the winemakers performed their punch downs of the grape vats, the CO gases were released and replaced by heady aromas of grapes and yeast working together. Slipping my arm into a warm vat of fermenting grapes, I could feel the yeast and grapes working together to create the foundation of the perfect nectar.   A small cup in hand allowed me to s
Wine Lovin Women set out for Walla Walla, WA again for another adventure.   This time was for Fall Crush , where we visited some of our old favorite wineries, Tero Estates and Dumas Station.   Both wineries had amazing releases to sample, if you haven’t been there yet or tried their wines you are missing out….so get started on making some plans to check them out.   During our visit, we discovered a new favorite, El Corazone, which has a tasting room in downtown Walla Walla.   We walked into an eclectic, packed out showroom which made you realize great things were about to happen…no wine snobs here. El Corazone has been producing since 2007 and during our visit we tasted: ♦      First Crush , Malbec (Walla Walla Valley) - Stronger tannins and bolder fruit flavor   ♦      Supernova , Malbec, (Columbia Valley) - Beautiful color, smooth tannins, full fruit and a slight spice on the pallet ♦      Pistalero , Bordeaux style blend - Marriage of bold fruit, which intoxicat
Malbec If I were to choose a wine for its color, I would pick a Malbec. It has such a succulent deep rich color, with dark fruit and spice to complete the dance on your tantalizes my taste buds. It's not the most popular; however there are more great Malbecs becoming available. The Malbec grape truly comes into its own in Argentina, where Malbec is the major red variety planted and is most often bottled as a singe varietal.  Argentina might have claimed this grape but it originated in the Southwest of France, however Eastern Washington is producing beautiful Malbecs with intense fruit and subtle spice. Malbec is a spicy wine reminiscent of blackberries and chocolate, with an enticing aroma and velvety texture.  Malbecs are also used in small amounts as a blending grape, such as in Bordeaux blends to add color and to smooth the tannins of the other wines in the blend. One winery you have to be sure to put on your agenda when visiting Walla Walla is Flying Trout
We found a great Rose' to take on a picnic or camping trip, Elk Cove Vineyards Pinot Noir Rose 2011.   This Willamette Valley Rose has a fresh fruit aroma with a crisp, light and refreshing taste; even better yet it has a twist top so you have one less thing to pack.   Cheers….Denise
4th Annual Kitsap Wine Festival Last weekend I had the pleasure to enjoy the 4 th Annual Kitsap Wine Festival at the Harborside Fountain Park in Bremerton, Washington.   This event brought together some of the best wineries within Washington and Oregon in order to raise money to benefit the Harrison Medical Center Foundation. Besides enjoying amazing wines there was also delicious food and brews to enjoy.   It was well worth the entrance fee and I was especially impressed with the overall organization. I would like to share some of my favorites from the day.   I recently listed in a former blog other wineries that also were present at this event but since I did a recent review of their wines I felt it was important to bring you some new wineries to explore.   Hightower Cellars – Red Mountain, Washington Out of Line 2009 – a Blend – Cab Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot – rich, structured and a little complex.   It has a gentle nose with a mild finish. Pepper Bridge